Lemongrass Asian Bistro


Lemongrass Asian Bistro

We were called in to assist with a commissary kitchen project for Lemongrass Asian Bistro. With four locations in South Florida, they wanted a facility where they could do the bulk of their kitchen preparations in one centralized location and then distribute food to their smaller retail restaurants. 
The challenge with this project was coordinating all the moving parts to effectively secure the required permits. The architect they hired for the job got them halfway there but then completely stalled out. He simply did not understand the process from a construction management perspective and therefore failed to take several critical steps that led to significant project delays. 
Our team at Seacoast Consultants got the project back on track as the owner’s representative for the business. We pursued requisite zoning approvals, land development permits, and other requirements needed for the project. We effectively partnered with all vendors including civil and MEP engineers; architects; city, county and environmental regulators; and other involved parties to successfully lead and coordinate the project. With our team at the helm, we were able to secure permits within less than half the time the previous team attempted to do so.

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We’re here to help ensure your project stays on track and avoids the issues that cause major delays and cost overruns. 

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