Body Details

Boynton Beach , FL

The Body Details Boynton Beach location was significantly larger than other franchise locations. At 2,300 square-feet, it was designed to meet the more luxurious demands the market required and in the end, took on a spa-like appearance. To that end, individual men’s and women’s bathrooms were installed versus creating full locker rooms, and columns and chases were constructed out of drywall to meet the Boynton Beach Fire Department’s requirements. 


During construction, we uncovered numerous violations from prior construction that needed to be corrected. We served as an intermediary between the Body Details franchise and Boynton Beach authorities to overcome construction language and terminology obstacles.

Given the space and location logistics, our team also had to overcome construction obstacles, which we did by hauling construction materials up to the roof with a crane and pouring an enormous amount of concrete in order to level the space and correct code violations.



Pembroke Pines , FL

Seacoast Construction was called in for several Body Details build-out projects – the first of which was in Pembroke Pines, Florida. It served as a beta test to help the franchise achieve the retail look they wanted at the price that fit their budget.


After the project owners had consulted with several designers and created their wish list of ideas, they discovered they were overpriced and well above budget. At Seacoast, we worked with them to reduce the price of finishes and reevaluate how the treatment rooms were positioned in order to improve efficiencies by sharing pipes in the exhaust system. After consultation, we created a Vanilla Shell for them that included the A/C unit, bathroom, and panel. This beta test was followed by four subsequent projects for them.

Royal Palm Beach , FL

Our previous work with the retail franchise enabled us to continue to improve our partnership and collaboration during construction at the Royal Palm Beach location.

As part of the project, we completed an interior storefront with a glass wall that separates the main lobby from the consultation rooms as well as constructed all the elements that cohesively ties the entire franchise look together. Along the way, we also completed new mechanical and electrical work to conform to current building codes.

Fort Lauderdale , FL

This retail build-out was the fourth we have done for Body Details (since then we have done a fifth). We had to demolish an existing salon and convert it to match the Body Details’ design used at all of their locations in 90 days. Some of the unique challenges included accounting for the existing high ceiling which was atypical of this type of retail interior buildout in South Florida. Additionally, we had to make the existing HVAC work to keep the entire project within the budget.


Some of the work included relocating plumbing lines, adjustments to the fire sprinkler system, adding exhaust fans as required for client’s operations, and new flooring, walls ceilings, lighting, as well as the wave wall and front desk used at all Body Details locations.

We finished the project in 84 days on budget.

Coral Springs , FL

As our second construction for this retailer (we’ve completed five for them in total), our entire build-out process was smoother and the schedule was quicker than the original project. To begin retrofitting the space, we had to demolish and remove everything in the existing leased space.

During this process, we found leveling issues with the substrate concrete slab, which needed to be addressed with the landlord. While the corrective floor leveling work was being completed, it also offered the owners an opportunity to update the electrical work and bring it up to code as it had become long-since antiquated.


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